Stephen J. Mellor, Author and Speaker

I offer consulting primarily in kick-start form.

This means that we will discuss your needs and establish together what it would be helpful for you to know. Then we put together a package for management and engineers, offered remotely (in the discovery phase) and on-site (for delivery.)

I also offer long-term consulting on-site.

Please contact me for more details. If we can't help you, I'll put you in touch with an expert.


  • How do we gather requirements/stories?
  • What is an adaptive/agile process?
  • How do we gather requirements in a co-engineering requirement?
  • How do we cope with change?
  • What is UML and how can we use it?
  • What is Model-Driven Development? Model-Driven Architecture?
  • How do we set up a development effort with many people at many sites?
  • How do we set up work break-down structure?

Executable UML

  • What is executable UML?
  • How do we build class models and state models?
  • How can we build models for translation?
  • How do we translate models?
  • How can we control the code?
  • What is a domain? Why do we care?
  • What is recursive design?

Agile and Adaptive Development

  • How can we put in place an adaptive process in my organization?
  • How do we get started on an adaptive development effort?
  • How do we estimate stories?
  • How do we manage infrastructure construction?
  • What do we need to start an adaptive project?
  • How can we use models in an adaptive process?

Real-time and Embedded

  • What is a real-time architecture?
  • How can we use an adaptive process in the embedded world?
  • How can we have an affordable architecture without code generation?
  • How does modeling help me as a hardware engineer?