Stephen J. Mellor, Author and Speaker

Adaptive Embedded Development

Embedded products always push the envelope and they often take more time and resources to build than initially expected. As a consequence, the development plan has to adapt to deliver the most bang for the buck, and it has to do so continuously.

This class starts from first principles: the creation of the multi-disciplinary team, the initial product and architectural visions. We then show how to define what the product will do, prioritize the product stories, estimate them, and then develop them by building test-cases first. We cover how to coordinate the teams in an effective way, plan and replan to meet the needs of the product-owner team, thus delivering the most we can, as soon as we can.


  • Engineers and developers
  • Customers and product owners
  • Project managers

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course participants will understand:

  • what differentiates adaptive development
  • roles and responsibilities in an adaptive team
  • collaboration modes to deliver business value
  • development practices that deliver business value


  1. Adaptive Development
  2. Communication
  3. Iteration Zero
  4. Stories
  5. Estimation
  6. Prioritization
  7. Engineering Practices
  8. Iteration Planning

Method Used

The course is delivered either as a one day mix of lecture and exercises, or a three-day kickstart for your embedded product.